Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Our Hippo Needs a Name

We ferment a variety of wines in our relatively new "hippo" cement tank.  It's an alternative to oak barrels, because it lets the wine breathe while stainless steel does not. It also gives the wine, um, some minerality -- obviously. But kidding aside, it does give it a different flavor than oak.

If someone comes up with a great name and other [important] people at the winery agree, I'll send that person one of our 90+ point wines for Xmas. Yep, I'll pay for it out of my own pocket. And I'm not making a lot of $$ these days!

Our hippo tank needs a name! Post a suggestion as a comment,
and I'll ship the winner (if there is one -- I don't make the final decision)
a bottle of one of our 90+ pt. wines

We also have some wine aging in our egg, which is somewhat smaller than the hippo. Eggs have become quite popular lately, and many wineries are buying them. A company that manufactures them in Petaluma is having a lot of success selling them. See http://www.sonomastone.com/concrete-fermentation-tanks.htm

One of our white wines from 2009 is aging
in this egg-shaped cement tank


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  2. Hippo El Borracho or Borracho the Hippo

  3. Wow, that's freakin' obscure, Jason/Nosa. Taweret was "a bipedal hippopotamus in Egyptian mythology" according to my sources (Wikipedia). Nice find!

  4. Fat Caskard. (Rhymes with...)

  5. David, who are you? You've won, but I don't know your last name...