Monday, September 20, 2010

A Banker and a Consultant Walk into a Winery...

On Friday I met 2 other interns that will be working with me during the harvest.  One is N, who recently moved to NorCal from Maine.  The other is K, who's been working as a trader for RBC Capital Markets for over 14 years.  He brought his own espresso machine to work.

N graduated from college 2 years ago and has been looking for work ever since.  He'll be working at the winery to earn a living and hopefully gain enough experience to move into a better job once the season's over.  K, on the other hand, seems to have quit his high-paying job just to work another harvest (he has already worked one in Australia).

I'm wondering what kind of weird economic situation we find ourselves in these days: One guy can't find an entry-level job for 2 years, while a couple others decide to check out of the corporate world and crush grapes for a few months.  Strange, to say the least.

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