Friday, September 17, 2010

Safety Training

If you can't harvest grapes, you may as well begin with some copious amounts of safety training.  I spent all day learning about the different ways to die while working in a winery: crushed to death by a forklift, death by falling into tanks, death by asphyxiation (lots of CO2 is generated during fermentation), death from chemical fumes, etc.  OK, I made up the last one, as I think it's only "poisoning from sulfur fumes, which can most probably lead to death."

Since the focus on instant death got to be a little depressing, we finished with a bit of forklift driving followed by a certification exam.  If you think that driving a 5000 lbs forklift with rear-wheel steering is easy, you've obviously never done it.  Luckily, I didn't crush anyone to death.

Navigating the forklift obstacle course
Stacking some bins...
Stacking more bins...

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